Incredible Facts About Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a Central American country surrounded by The North Pacific Ocean and The Caribbean Sea. The total coastline of this country is about 802 miles. It comprises of several islands and the most significant islands are The Calero Island and The Cocos Island. It has more than eighty districts and plenty of provinces. Costa Rica is an awesome country for tourism for people of any age and you can explore various places.

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There are plenty of mountains and the three most important mountains are in the ranges from northwest to southeast. You will also come across several volcanic peaks on these mountain ranges. There are three active volcanoes present in this country and many volcanoes are in the formation stage. Most of the coastal areas are warm and humid and are surrounded by dense forests.

The important attractions of this country are wildlife, mountains, beaches, rainforests etc. It is popular for its biodiversity, adventurous activities, wonderful scenery and so on. While visiting this country, you can explore cloud forests, active volcanoes and rainforests, and also visit beaches that stretch for several miles, facing both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Around 27 national parks are present here, which is exactly 11% of the whole country. Though it is a small country, you can travel to several destinations like forests, parks, beaches in your single vacation trip easily without missing the fun.

If you are a citizen with a valid passport of USA, Great Britain and Canada, then you can stay in Costa Rica for a maximum of 90 days without a Visa. Colon is the Costa Rican currency and it is divided into hundred centimos. You are allowed to exchange currency at all the state-owned banks in Costa Rica. You can find ATMs at almost all the tourist destinations in this country.

The best time for vacation begins from late November to late April. This is the dry season in Costa Rica and it is the best season for tourists here. From the month of May to mid November, there will be heavy rain in this country and the local people name it as the wet time of the year.

Costa Rica is a Roman Catholic country and there will be huge holidays for Christmas, New Year and Easter as well as any other church related holidays. This country is home to several species of plants, animals and birds.

You can easily access North America and South America from this Central American country. You can also use ocean access to European and Asian continents. One-fourth of Costa Rica’s land near the beaches is devoted to forests which makes it the best option for eco friendly tourism. Buy your own home in Costa Rica and have more time to have fun and relax.

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