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The Whys and Wherefores To Visit San Francisco


San Francisco is one amongst the favorite cities in California. When you plan a trip to the west coast, you can’t skip visiting San Francisco as it’s the heart of California. If Only – San Francisco Things To do 2016 are the best to guide you in exploring San Francisco and have a memorable experience. The city has more mountains, natural sceneries, and the best restaurants.

The Statistics on the international visitors from around the world is listed in from 2010 to 2016 which would make you feel wonderstruck.
Let us list down on what to expect in San Francisco.

People are inclined on visiting or staying in San Francisco just because of the incredible weather. The place gets cooler with no possibility of snow. This invites tourism throughout the year.

The place is known for its great diversity. You can get any cuisine food in San Francisco. There are foods available to suit anybody’s taste buds. San Francisco is the best place to visit for foodie people to try a different taste from around the world all in one city.

The city has the best shopping sites. One of the largest shopping areas in the USA is located in San Francisco called the Union Square Area. You name it, and you get the brands there. There are numerous fashionable boutique if you are not particular about any specific brands.

When visiting San Francisco don’t forget to bring your comfortable shoes. You had to walk and walk till your legs get tired. Public transport facilities are available around the city for easy access.

To explore the city you can use any transportation starting from buses, trains, boats, cars and more. To experience all modes of transportation and at the same time visit your places of interest makes things, even more, easier.

Cultural Value
You can find a variety of cultures here, and that is due to the diversity that prevails.

Numerous attractions are starting from theme parks, stage shows, concerts which would capture everlasting memories amongst the visitors. No wonder it is called the world class city of entertainment.

The mountains create a spectacular look to the city. People visiting here would love to a picture taken in front of the bay and the golden gate bridge. Numerous movies and TV shows have been shot here. Filmmakers from all over the country visit San Francisco due to its serene beauty.

With a wide variety of restaurants, you will be puzzled on which restaurant to pick from to stay. You can find the highly luxurious hotels to the one of a kind boutique hotel in SFO.

Must See Places
Though it is not possible to list down all the attractions of SFO, we will mention few of the must see places. Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, The Exploratorium, Union Square, National parks are a few to be highlighted.
To enjoy one of a kind vacation visit San Francisco and you will not return disappointed for sure.